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Project Description
The Diplomacy score and tournament manager will be a software to handle diplomacy tournaments around the world.
Although thought for the Face to face events it can also be used for the online ones.
It will be the direct heir of Manus Hand's "Diplomacy tournament manager" AFAIK "DTM".

On the 22th of August 2015, the original programmer (Manus Hand) of the DTM has joined the project, I think that the project will move faster from now on.

We need people to develop the software : programmers, UI expert, software architects and so on. if you want to totally rewrite the project using some fancy technologies or adding some kind of ORM to a project that need a CRUD approach, I'm sorry to say that is not the right project.

We are sure about using an Agile methodology, give value to the customer and deliver fast is the key.

We are using an Agile tool   ; you need to join it, is free, to help us coordinate the effort.

About joining the project:

Join (is free) and send me the email that you have used to join 
Send a request with the feature that you would like to implement,  how you think that you must do it ? If you write only "I want to join" or similar your request will be denied, thank you for understanding. 

What is Diplomacy:

I've had direct contacts with the original developer of the DTM but the original source code is not available anymore, he still had an older version, of the source code, than the one that we have today in use for our tournaments.
So we decided to start to rewrite it in a more advanced language, as Manus say "using C#, against the original version that was written in Visual C++, is like having VB6 on steroid on a C++ basis"

The software is shaped in layers:
Client interface -> the desktop interface
CoreDiploScore -> the part that do the calculation and the DAL.

A web interface is not available but will be done later for sure.

The project is targeted to .net Framework 4.0, X86 , C# only, database is MS ACCESS.

The source code loaded is very basic and we need help to create a working version of the software the main goals will be:

0)Let the software have the bare minimum to create events (done), insert players(done), assign players to games(to do)

1)Creating a plugin system that can implement any scoring system.
As an Example of the kind of scoring system that we would like to use there is the link to, the explanation of, the one that we use in Italy since 2008:

2)Implement an automatic mean of sending tournament results to others or external webservices.

The source code can be compiled and is working.

I need help, Ux Designers and C#.Net developers, at least 4 years experience implementing desktop application with access to Database and rules based engines

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