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The software that we have to rewrite is called DTM, diplomacy tournament manager, unfortunately the last source code have been lost,  some functions are hard to implement without a complete overhaul of a not adjourned version of the code.

There is the main form of the DTM:


And here it is the main form of the DSM, the software that we are rewriting:


In fact they seem similar, more menus on the new one but because we have to implement more features.

Then in the DTM we go to open a tournament, we choose tournament name:


The DSM is different (faster) on that part, we choose File->Tournaments and we have such form:


We can choose both tournament and players to assign to the tournament.

The DTM has the concept of heaths that in DSM are not yet implemented :


Every diplomacy Tournament is organized in a number of rounds or heats, every player participating in one event may play in one or more rounds, so the tournament director (TD) have to choose the players , in multiples of seven, to form the boards.


Here are the players assigned to the round with assigned boards and countries:


That part is not yet implemented in the DSM, I’m waiting the algorithm to assign players to boards and powers.


The DTM has the concept of tournament details, that are the settings to organize players and power assignments, Scoring system and number of rounds :


Tournament name: is the name of the tournament.

Scoring system: is the score system that will be used in all the tournament.

Unplayed score: are the points that will be given to a player not playing a round, usually when there are not multiples of seven the TD can ask if anybody would like to sit out a round.

Power Assignments: if the software have to automatically assign powers (countries) to the players, if you choose no only the board will be assigned.

Group powers:

Conflict values: are the weight in points that will be assigned to a board where two players have played together, in the same event, before. Playing the same power more than once is the weight assigned if a player will play the same power more than once.

Every time we assign players to boards and powers, the software, will try to minimize the “Conflict values” , will be clear when the algorithm for assigning players and powers will be discussed on.

The other part are obvious or not interesting at that part of the development.


The DSM is heavily behind in the part of creating a tournament:


We are missing a large part of the tournament settings.



The part about inserting players is very similar, DTM:




And DSM here, I think DTM version is better:




Final Notes

Source code can be downloaded and is in workable order, I need help for documentation.

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